Learning to make images that tell stories and convey a message. March 22-23, 2014


This is a workshop with documentary photographer Vivek Muthuramalingam to encourage photography enthusiasts to take the next steps, encourage to choose a creative path, incite them to formulate photo projects and structure a workflow in order to achieve their creative objectives.

The old saying goes that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. We believe that great photographs are one that tell a story or convey a message, be it a single image or a collection of them. This workshop aims to equip photographers to tell stories with their cameras, the process involved in identifying and conceptualizing the stories, executing them efficiently and presenting them effectively.

The workshop encourages photography enthusiasts to take the next steps in creative pursuit towards telling visual stories with their camera. It helps participants to understand the complete workflow involved in making a visual story, equips them to create photo-projects and bring it to completion. The program facilitates the thought process of building a ‘narrative’ with images, which involves critical analysis of the participant’s body of work, underlining the importance of editing, highlighting each participants’ bottlenecks and eventually encouraging them to choose a creative path that will be individualistic. It shall incite them to formulate photo projects and structure a workflow in order to achieve a given creative objective.

Who Should Join?

This workshop is for photography enthusiasts who are looking to use their cameras for telling stories, make photo-documentaries and work on short/long term photography projects and intend to learn the workflow and thought process essential for working in this direction.

Participants of this workshop should be familiar with the technicalities of using a camera including concepts such as aperture, shutter speed and other fundamentals besides understanding the basic ideas involved in making an image.


Salient features of this workshop

  • Understand the thought-process required to formulate, plan and execute a visual story-telling project.
  • Understand the importance of processes involved in making visual stories such as
    • choosing a subject
    • research
    • editing
    • approach to creating a story
    • presentation
  • Identify and address your areas of inhibitions in working on a project, understand and put to practice the importance of observation, importance of communication on-field and self-analysis.
  • Have practical insights through outdoor shoots during the workshop, on all aspects of making a visual story project from formulation to completion.
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Guidance to every individual on future course.


Rs.8950 per person.

Visual Story Telling Workshop With Vivek Muthuramalingam