Must visit 1:

Most of you would have read about how far the new Bangalore International Airport is and how boring the journey is. But have you noticed Fort of Devanahalli on the way to Airport? Its visible from the high way if you are watchful enough. I always wanted explore it but never did. But this time on my regular visit to Nandhi Hills I made sure to stop and visit the Fort.

The fort as such is not very big but looks beautiful and still is in good condition. The fort was built by Mallabairegowda in 1501

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Must Visit 2:

This temple is an hidden treasure. People traveling daily on hosur road don’t even know about it. So me and my friend tried to explore it. .

Friends’s mom had told us according to legend the temple is of the era of Pandavas and Pandawas used to offer Pooja to Shiva. Me and friend reached there early on Sunday evening. The temple was still not open but we got some amazing pictures of it from outside

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