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Women’s Day 2014 – Inspiring.Talks (FREE event by Weekend Nuts)

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Women's Day 2014, Bangalore - Inspiring Talks



Bartending workshop!

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Chill your dil
A pleasant evening with friends, nurtured by the ever soothing rains! All you need is your favorite drink in hand. Well, learn to make it the way your bartender does at iReboot’s Bartending workshop! Make upto 25 cocktails based on Rum, Whisky & Vodka and drink them up with your friends!

What’s Shakin’?

Introduction to Bartending
Equipment usage
Know your liquor
Methodology of making cocktails
Vodka cocktails
Rum cocktails
Whisky cocktails
Custom recipes

Oh and did we mention you can drink all your cocktails?
Mentor Profile

A Professional bartender since 15 yrs, runs the only bartending school in town called “Shaken n Stirred”. Trains most of the professional bartenders in town, also caters to hi-society private parties and exclusive liquor-brand sponsored events. Has been associated with several lounge and bar launches across Bangalore.
Bartending workshop

Date: August 4th, Saturday
Venue: Shaken N’ Stirred, Infantry road, Bangalore.
Timings: 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
For registrations and more inquiries,
Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or drop a mail on

Freelance Journalism workshop

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Writers’ Glitz!

Always wanted to see your name in a magazine? Learn how to write for journals, magazines, newspapers and online outlets and get paid for it! Understand how to approach editors, getting story ideas, marketing yourself and ultimately forge a career in freelance journalism all in two days!

The workshop will cover

  • What a freelance journalist actually does, and what skills you need
  • How to find stories that sell, understanding what makes a good story and figuring out the differencebetween a topic and an angle.
  • How to figure out what an editor wants by analysing magazines, and finding slots that your story will fit into.
  • How to find and research markets for your work, and find contact details for editors.
  • How to write a successful pitch or story proposal
  • How to write a feature and develop a style of your own
  • How to conduct interviews and get information out of people
  • How to negotiate pay and get a fair price for your work
  • How to write for the international media
  • How to market yourself through blogs, websites and social networks.

Dates: 14th & 15th July


For more queries, please contact Amogh on 9035789474 or email

To Register Click Here

16 hours can change your Bank Balance – Stock Trading workshop @ iReboot

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Bulls eye!!!

Take control of the Bull by its horns and tame the might Bear. Pick up the trade in a 16 hour workshop at iReboot. Mentored by Rahul Dhawan who brings his 18 years of experience to make you learn to interpret the trends, capitalize on the highs and lows and make smart investment decisions.

Stock Trading workshop @ iReboot

Dates: 3rd and 4th March


A Global office!

Tired of staying in a cubicle all day? make the world your office, get paid to vacation and witness the world’s wonders as an everyday chore! Gear up as iReboot equips you to write your travel memoirs and tells you how to get paid for vacationing!

Travel writing workshop @ iReboot

Dates: 11th and 12th March


Events galore!

Always had a knack for putting up a party? Love to conceptualize, ideate and create events that get you everyone’s accolades? Make someone’s dream event the most precious moment of their lives by learning the tricks of the trade from master event manager, Rahul Gupta of EventSpace

Event management workshop @ iReboot

Dates: 17th and 18th March


The hills of paradise!

Back on popular demand – The adventure photo tour. This time, bask over the soothing indulgence of the Red Hills in Ooty. Uncharted, untamed and far from the concrete jungles. Capture the precious jewels of nature at it’s best as ace photographer PeeVee mentors you the charms of photographing beauty at it’s best!

Photo tour @ iReboot from 23rd, 24th and 25th March


Conceive, create, communicate!

“Creating websites is a techie’s job” they say. Silence the critics and power your imagination as iReboot equips you with the skills necessary to create your own website, without any technical knowledge. Use social media management to communicate to your target audience and build your own empire of fans!

Make your own website and social media marketing workshop @ iReboot

Dates: 31st March and 1st April


For Registrations and details,

Contact 9035789474 or 9663857828

or drop a mail on

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Copywriting workshop on 25th and 26th February!

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Chicken soup for the creative soul!

Add colour to your words!

Groom your creative self and craft the art of creative communications! Ready your pens as communications guru Pramod Shankar brings his 20 years of advertising and writing experience into a course that puts you on a launchpad to advertising!

Course Content:

1.Introduction to advertising
2. What does a writer do?
3. Principles of advertising and writing
4. Creating an effective brief
5. Understanding your customer
6. Selling your ideas internally
7. How to create a print Ad
8. How to write a radio script
9. How to write a TVC
10. Project presentation
11. Creating a portfolio
12. Creating a Resume
13. Marketing yourself and finding a job

Copywriting workshop on February 25th and 26th

For Registrations, contact Amogh on 9035789474

Or drop a mail on

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Wardrobe styling, grooming and image makeover workshop @ iReboot!

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Get Stylin’!

Ever wondered how do the top names in glamour carry themselves so comfortably? Ever wanted to beam your inherent personality through a style that puts you in the limelight? Get all your styling woes cleared and take home a bouquet of fashion must haves!
This February, Bangalore’s very own grooming guru Babita Jaishankar takes you on a journey of discovering your own unique style, through a hands-on session which includes shopping, personal grooming and much more!

Get all your styling woes cleared and take home a handful of fashion must haves!

Dates: Feb 18th, 19th
Timings: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: iReboot, Indiranagar

And if you guys thought this session is only for the ladies, think again!

We have exclusively designed certain modules for the men’s apparel and grooming as well. So there is no way you’d get left out.

Whats covered?

Colour Analysis
Style Analysis
Wardrobe essentials
Guided personal shopping – some rules on how to pick that perfect outfit or accessory
Hair Care
Skin care
Choosing and applying cosmetics

For Registrations,

Call us on 9035789474

or drop a mail on

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Leadership Seminar by Robin Sharma Live in Bangalore

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‘Lead Without A Title’ – Winning leadership lessons to Build a Great Organization!

When it comes to Leadership development and Inspiration, one can only think of Robin Sharma! Author of 11 bestsellers on leadership and professional development, his latest book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ has inspired CEOs, top executives and celebrities from across the globe.

Leading without A Title is now inspiring a global movement that is transforming the way people think about and practice Leadership.

This highly inspirational yet immensely practical presentation will include:

- The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles
- 8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy time
- The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better
- The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
- Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence
and focused in the face of uncertainty

Session Details:

Session 1 : 9:00AM to 10:30AM (90 mins)
Coffee Break : 10:30AM to 11:00AM (30 mins)
Session 2 : 11:00AM to 12:00PM (60 mins)

Please note, the seminar will be followed by a networking lunch.

Passes Available at :

About Rang De:-
Rang De is a web-based social initiative that supports rural entrepreneurs from low income households with cost-effective loans to either set up or run their business. Rang De’s vision is to Knock out Poverty from India by providing access to low cost microcredit. Through its online lending platform called, the organization enables individuals to lend enables individuals to lend as little as Rs. 100 of money to micro-entrepreneurs from low income households.

Rang De is a non-profit organization and is hosting this event as a fund-raiser for the cause.

Workshop on Personal Finance 24th-25th Sep, 2011

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Learn to plan for your future right now!

Managing you finances is the right way puts on the road to Financial Freedom. But if you’ve always been sloppy about it, then you’ll find yourself nodding to any of these:

•don’t enjoy a 9 to 5 job !
•don’t want to work for someone my entire life and then retire only to realize that I have enough but am too old to do anything
•want to be my own boss !
•want to spend time doing something I want to do …
•want to build / create a business of my own

Now is the right time for you to think about it.

iReboot brings your Workshop on Personal Finance. A workshop that will help you put your financial worries to rest.

What’s covered:
Defining your life goals
Risk profiling
Asset Allocation
Investment Avenues
Systematic Investing
Investment Portfolio
Where to start the planning process
Financial Freedom
Roadmap to financial freedom

You’ll also have a personal consultation session as part of this workshop where the mentor will help you come up with a customized financial plan geared towards acheiving Financial Freedom.

Workshop fee: 2,800/-
Starting: 24th Sep, 2011
Ending: 25th Sep, 2011
Facebook event page:

Day 1: 10 AM to 5:00 PM
All about personal finance and the ways to achieve financial freedom. Our Mentor will cover all the topics as above to give you an idea of where you stand now and how to get ahead / better.

Day 2: 1 hr of personal consultation time with Mentor. You can get your plan worked out and have a definitive idea of the things to do to secure yourself financially!

Mentor details:

Mentor: Rahul Dhawan is a Certified Financial Planner and has CFP degree course from the International College of Financial Planning.

He is also a Certified by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) for advising on investments in mutual funds.

He has a National Stock Exchange certification in financial markets (NCFM)–Derivatives Core Module.

Professional Experience
(Total of 18 yrs in financial planning and equity research )

Worked in the Financial Planning & Analysis function for a global US-based Metal & Mining client.
Managing a team of 28 people (including 4 Team Leads) covering 4 key sub-groups which included
Financial Reporting, Credit Recommendations, Activity-based Costing and Competitive Intelligence for the
client’s North American and European regions.

Head – Equities, SKP Securities Ltd., Kolkata.
Joined as AVP – Research; promoted to the position of Head – Equity Research and then to Head –
Equities. Coordinated a team of 3 Equity Analysts, 2 Equity dealers and 2 Mutual Fund Advisors

Manager – Equity Research, BNK Capital Markets Ltd., Calcutta

Financial Analyst, Pioneer Financial & Management Services Ltd., Calcutta

Register here:

Or call on: 96638 57828

Make Your Own Website

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Create Your Own Website

Facebook event page:

What is a website? Why all the fuss about having one in the first place?

A lot of us might be thinking on these lines, but the truth is, a website is your virtual reception area. You might not have a brick and mortar store where people could walk in and meet you to do business with(or at least get to know you better) but a website opens your store up to the world. Wow! Now that is really something.

iReboot brings you the ‘Make Your Own Website’ workshop!

For all of you who wanted to learn how to create your own website but have no technical skills for it. We can assure you that with our assisstance – now you can! :)

Topics covered:
–setting up your own website & email,
–designing logo and layout for the website, using templates,
–understanding content management systems,
–coming up with a sitemap and menu/pages for the website, blog creation,
–e-mail activation
–social media add-ons.

Once you have created a website, you also get to learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization, social media marketing and web analytics (google analytics).

About the Mentor:
Amit Singh is the founder of a web and mobile application development firm called Wow Designs in Bangalore. He has over 5 years of experience in web design and development. Besides all things tech, he has a passion for encouraging people to pursue their dreams! He is also a founder of HeadStart Network, a non-profit that promotes entrepreneurship in India.

Venue: iReboot, Indiranagar
Duration: 2 days

Day1: 2:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Day2: 9:30 am – 2:00 pm

Workshop fee: Rs. 4,800/-

- You get to build the website as you learn in class.
- No coding knowledge required.
- Includes website promotion techniques.
- Is completely hands-on-experience oriented.

What you require:
Laptop of your own throughout the duration of the workshop. You will have wi-fi support at iReboot.

To register, please RSVP and also fill out this form:

Call us on 9663857828 for more details. Batch size is 15, so please register ahead of time.

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‘Introduction to Buddhist psychology: Mind & Mental Factors’, a new weekend course starts at CKSL on June 26, 2011

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Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre, a Tibetan Buddhist      Meditation & Study Centre, is pleased to announce  the beginning of a new weekend course –  ‘Introduction to Buddhist psychology: Mind &  Mental Factors’ on June 26, 2011.

The great Tibetan master Gon-pa-wa said, “To  eliminate disturbing emotions, you must know their  faults, their characteristics, their remedies, and the causes for their arising. Once you know the root and secondary afflictions, then when any attachment, hostility, or such arises in your mind-stream, you can identify it thinking , “this is that, now it has arisen – and fight the disturbing emotion.”
The course is based on a text written by the great 18th century Tibetan master Kachen Yeshe Gyeltsen, following Abhidharma tradition of Buddhist thought. It will provide a detailed overview of the mind and the various virtuous and non-virtuous mental and emotional states that color and control it, which are known as the 51 mental factors. It will offer a practical guide on how to cultivate virtuous mental states and how to weaken and eventually abandon the disturbing emotions, the key to lasting peace and well-being.
The course will be conducted by English-speaking monks from Sera Jey Monastic University ~biweekly on Sunday afternoons from 4 PM to 6 PM.
The course is free and open to everyone. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students of Tibetan Buddhism.

Venue: Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre, Ashwini, No. 24, 1st floor, 3rd Main St, Domlur Layout 1st stage, Bangalore 560071.

Contact info: e-mail –, web –, tel. (080) 414 864 97.

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