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Leadership Seminar by Robin Sharma Live in Bangalore

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‘Lead Without A Title’ – Winning leadership lessons to Build a Great Organization!

When it comes to Leadership development and Inspiration, one can only think of Robin Sharma! Author of 11 bestsellers on leadership and professional development, his latest book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ has inspired CEOs, top executives and celebrities from across the globe.

Leading without A Title is now inspiring a global movement that is transforming the way people think about and practice Leadership.

This highly inspirational yet immensely practical presentation will include:

- The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles
- 8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy time
- The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better
- The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
- Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence
and focused in the face of uncertainty

Session Details:

Session 1 : 9:00AM to 10:30AM (90 mins)
Coffee Break : 10:30AM to 11:00AM (30 mins)
Session 2 : 11:00AM to 12:00PM (60 mins)

Please note, the seminar will be followed by a networking lunch.

Passes Available at :

About Rang De:-
Rang De is a web-based social initiative that supports rural entrepreneurs from low income households with cost-effective loans to either set up or run their business. Rang De’s vision is to Knock out Poverty from India by providing access to low cost microcredit. Through its online lending platform called, the organization enables individuals to lend enables individuals to lend as little as Rs. 100 of money to micro-entrepreneurs from low income households.

Rang De is a non-profit organization and is hosting this event as a fund-raiser for the cause.

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If you guys missed watching Chandrayaan launch today you missed a lot. I have the commentary of the launch with video here for you to have a look and cherish.

Passing on the burden – Publish the events yourself

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As most you know.. Events Bangalore is my personal hobby project and not full time job. Some times I will not be able to publish the events in time due to my regular work. So for those who send me the events regularly…you can now get trusted “contributor” access to eventsbnaglore so you can post the events to front page. So who will get the access

  • You send the events regulary to EB or you own a theater/dance group who want to publish the events directly.
  • You promise NOT to SPAM
  • You know how to post on wordpress blog — or ready to learn :)
  • Let me know. I will create a userid/pw for you. Contact me here.

Once you get userid/pw

  • Login
  • Click on “write” on top
  • Enter title and text ( you add pictures by giving direct urls or by uploading it. Make sure image with is 500px or less)
  • When you give the event date in text. Use the format dd-mmm-yyyy for example 01-jan-2008 so it gets on to the calendar automatically.
    Select the categories
  • Click on publish
  • Voila its on the front page of EB

Have Fun,


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Another month passes by

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Another month passes by. The number of readers/page views (around 5k/month) is growing day by day. The number of email subscribers is also growing. This is one passion which is taking around 20hrs/week. But I am happy because I am getting to know lot many people. I did not know I will get such an encouragement and suggestions from readers. Now I have lot many online friends. Every mail I get is a boost. And I have been getting few of them every week.
Thanks to all my offline friends who were/are always behind me ( and posing for the picture too) in this effort. They are always full of ideas and help.I hope many other ideas of us will come online. And will be of interest to everybody.
Few weeks back I spoke a nice lady from margabandhu And she was interested to know about Bangaloreans and their interest in volunteering . Which gave me an idea about publishing the volunteering oppurtunities in Bangalore. Here is the new Volunteer category where you can find the posts on volunteer oppurtunities in and around Bangalore. If you work for NGO which needs volunteers; please send the information and I will try to spread a word about it.

Note on the sponsor side:
I have been trying to add inline links. Its online today. If you see any orange links; they are sponsored links. This is one of the ways to get back the hosting fees I am spending on this site. And I though it is necessary to let the readers to know that any link which is in orange is a sponsored link. And it is not necessary to visit them.Let me know what you feel. If it very obtrusive or awkward; I will go ahead and remove them.

And in the end thanks to all the readers of the blog. Keep reading it and let your friends know about it.

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Its bandh time again

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Some things to take care

  • If you are a bachelor stock enough food and drinks. Hotels are also on bandh tomorrow hence better stock some dry food if you donӴ have a refrigerator.
  • Don’t plan to go out (other than near by places)
  • If you are planning to spend the day at your friends place please move today itself
  • Please avoid venturing out even after 7pm (Bandh is supposed to be between 6am to 6pm)
  • Have all the phone numbers which you need in emergency

How to make best of Bandh

  • Hire some movie DVDs or CDs today and plan to watch them with your friends tomorrow.
  • Cook at home and enjoy the food with friends (incase you have all the facility to do so)
  • Read that book which you always wanted to read but didn’t have time
  • Clean the home and vehicles (if you have not done that for dasara)


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Do you want one of these…

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Very few of these are left with me. You need to write something about Bangalore win them

  • About Events and Bangalore. Example themes could be
    • Rock bands in Bangalore
    • Amature theater in Bangalore
  • Images will be good
  • You should have written it (you hold the rights)
  • You give us the right to publish on EventsBangalore with your name. (You still hold the copyright. Only who got the t-Shirts; they will get published)
  • It will have a link to your site (or blog) if you have.
  • You can use contact or alert form to submit your entries

My good old friend Sujit posing for EventsBangalore. Thanks dude.

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Events Bangalore Month 3

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This is the third month the is up and running. Itӳ been lot of fun and hard work these three months. We have the no of hits growing in hundreds (if not in thousands) month after month. EventsBangalore gets around 5000 page views per month now.

The number of email newsletter subscribers is also growing. Itӳ around 100 now. Few of the email servers do not accept the mail from Zookoda (Newsletter service); I am trying to see what the problem is. Avoid subscribing using corporate email id. They tend to think anything regular as SPAM.

Its been lot of fun blogging at EventsBangalore. I am making lots and lots of friends online. Its nice to see people appreciating the work. Thanks to all who wished me and linked me. If you have any suggestions/comments please send it to me. I will try to implement.

Please suggest EventsBangalore to your friends.
Thanks and have wonderful weekend,
Thejesh GN

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Learn Pranahuti Aided Meditation

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Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness Presents Free two day training course on Pranahuti Aided Meditation (PAM)
To register Call 25266255 / 42119496, or visit
New BEL Road
Bangalore, Karnataka
When: Sep 9 2006 9:30AM to Sep 10 2006 5:30PM
No. of Admission : Free Admission.
Ages 18-50
Contact :Prabhakar 42119496

More details:

The Imperience regularly conducts free training course in P.A.M. The course is held on Second Saturday and the following Sunday of every month at select centres.

Unlike the other prevailing methods of training courses, the course does not proceed in a linear fashion from introducing the theoretical structures built upon several levels of complex ideas. The two-day course even as it would be found later in the journey to Infinity, is structured in such a way as to peel off layers and deeper layers of understanding.

The various concepts are introduced and reintroduced several times under different concept structures for understanding the manner in which the Reality is covered by the manifold folds of mysteriously simple layers of consciousness.

Thus the course provides for an interlocking matrix in which every concept structure would be appreciated as integral to the whole. Every topic is distinctly treated and while it can be treated as a part yet it contains the whole.

The course has a practical base of meditative experience. An adept in meditation guides the meditation that is of a duration of half-an-hour. Three sessions of meditation are thus conducted and every trainee gets a first hand experience of the Unique Pranahuti or Unique Transmission of Divine grace.**

These guided meditations are conducted in a balanced manner and as a matter of fact the course ends with the guided meditation.

If the trainee does not participate in the meditation the course is treated as incomplete. The various concept structures, which are to some extent theoretically explained and taught gain meaning during the meditation, as assiduous trainee would find.

Our teaching material is essentially the guided meditation. The adepts in meditation introduce the various topics, and which are interwoven and carry their personal signature of experience/ imperience.

This is supplemented by giving literature on the course and the system of meditation and various meditational techniques. All conventional gadgets of teaching are used according to the need.

The training is free. Persons who desire accommodation to stay are provided simple dormitory type rooms. Simple and holistic food is provided on both the days. The relationship of the taught and the teacher is maintained at the lowest level as the ISRC has the firm conviction that the course is not only for the new trainee but is also for the trainer.

An atmosphere of fraternal partnership prevails during the course, which has to be experienced to be believed.

While all are welcome to participate in the training program no one is compelled to join the ISRC. Membership to ISRC is totally free and those who desire to practice the method of meditation and adopt the natural way of living advocated by PAM can join.

For those who join ISRC the training continues, until they reach the Goal. This training is also free.

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Vande Mataram

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Vande Mataram completes 100 years today. Not going into politics; lets sing the song Vande Mataram

Official Song can be downloaded GOI web site.

Vande Mataram, the sacred mantra of patriotism, of which Rishi Bankim Chandra is the seer, brought under its spell many young men and women whom it converted into prophets of nationalism and fierce patriots who offered everything at the altar of the Mother. “If Bankim was the seer of the national mantra, Sri Aurobindo was the God-appointed high-priest and prophet,” says Sisir Kumar Mitra. In the words of Sister Nivedita, “Aurobindo came out with a new interpretation of Bankim Chandra’s song, ‘Bande Mataram’, which now leaped out of its comparative obscurity within the covers of a Bengali novel and in one sweep found itself on the lips of every Indian man, woman or child.” His superb contribution is his masterly rendering of Vande Mataram into English verse. Sister Nivedita, the embodiment of the ideal of spiritual-nationalism propounded by Swami Vivekananda, dedicated herself body and soul, for the cause of Motherland and she even resigned from the Ramakrishna Order to enable herself to plunge completely into the national movement. It was Sister Nivedita who requested Sri Aurobindo to shift the centre of his activities from Baroda to Bengal in order to carry out his Bhavani Mandir scheme. Another fierce patriot and prophet who came under the spell of ‘Vande Mataram’ was Brahmabandhav Upadhyaya who remained a sannyasi throughout his life. He insisted that a man from every house should dedicate himself to the nation’s work, like the sannyasins of Ananda Math, and that every father should offer a son for the service of the Motherland.

Video from Bharat Bala

I am going to sing it. Here I go

Vande Mataram!
Sujalam, suphalam, malayaja shitalam,
Shasyashyamalam, Mataram!
Shubhrajyotsna pulakitayaminim,
Phullakusumita drumadala shobhinim,
Suhasinim sumadhura bhashinim,
Sukhadam varadam, Mataram!

Jai Hind,
Thejesh GN

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Inaguration of Vikranta Karnataka

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A new Kannada online and offline magazine is introduced by Vikranta Prakashana. It is called as Vikranta Karnataka. wishes Vikranta Karnataka all the very best.


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