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Women’s Day 2014 – Inspiring.Talks (FREE event by Weekend Nuts)

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Women's Day 2014, Bangalore - Inspiring Talks



iReboot presents the much awaited Bar-tending Workshop with Pradeep Andrews – May 25.

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Create your own Highs.

The temperature is rising and what better way than to mix some delightful cocktails to serve up on hot summer evenings and get cool praise in return. Learn the craft of making cocktails and serve them up shaken and stirred!
Presenting the much awaited Bartending Workshop with master mixologist Pradeep Andrews.

What’s gonna happen?

What’s it gonna be?
Types of Cocktails and methods

Main ingredients of a cocktail
Preparation Process
Cocktail Families
Mixology Basics
Importance of measure

Serving styles and Presentation of drinks.
Various cocktail presentation skills

Vodka Cocktails
Whiskey Cocktails
Rum Cocktails

Recipes for Cocktails.

Some of the cocktails that will be taught will include fresh fruit and vegetable-based variations of Mojitos, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour and Blue Lagoon.

Guaranteed to be fun and relaxing.

Mentor Profile

Pradeep Andrews is a freelance bartender and runs Bangalore’s Bar-tending school called Shaken N Stirred. He has been invited as chief guest and judge at various hospitality colleges and institutes for bar-tending workshops at regional and national level events.

Fee: Rs 3000/-
Group Offer: Flat 10% discount for groups of 3 and more.

Duration: 4 pm – 8 pm.

For more details on how to register and payment,
please connect with us:

Registrations closing soon: iReboot’s “Start your Restaurant” wokshop with Subhankar Dhar, starting May 11

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Come make your Dream a Reality

A unique workshop tailored exclusively for those who have always wanted to own a cafe, an eatery or a specialty restaurant. A never before opportunity to minimize all your risks before you actually start out.It takes time, skill, patience and a whole lot of passion! Besides the passion, the most important step, is the step from dream to reality. iReboot helps you kick start the journey with three days of intense information and insights from an industry expert!

Course Content

  • Ideating your concepts
  • Selecting your location
  • The business of restaurants – terms, manuals, guidelines.
  • Setting up your venture
  • Legalities and licenses
  • Designing your restaurant
  • Setting up your kitchen
  • Staffing and manpower planning
  • Supplies and contracts
  • Accounting systems and software.
  • Restaurant as an overall business process
  • Site visit to a fine dining Restaurant

Workshop Structure

Day 1 and 2: Classroom sessions covering various aspects of the business of restaurants.

Day 3: First half classroom session covering Accounting and financials of the restaurant business. Second half will be a site visit to a fine dining restaurant.

Start your Restaurant Workshop

: Saturday, May 11, 10am to Saturday, May 18, 5pm
: 11th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bangalore, KA
Course Fee: Rs 7000/-Duration: 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and next Sunday.
(10am – 5 pm)

How to participate: Register Online with us.
Make an Online Payment or Call us for Cash/Cheque pickup.
To view the online flyer, please visit this link:

Connect with us us NOW:

Contact: 9663857828 / 9886295353.

DJ workshop

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The workshop is engineered to give you all the knowledge necessary in order to mix a track, create your own music in the studio and play it in front of a crowd depending on how the crowd behaves. In brief, it gives you everything you need to start off as an amateur DJ.

  • Get trained from acclaimed DJ’s of Bangalore
  • Four days of training with both theory and practical lessons
  • 2 practice sessions over the week on Pioneer consoles
  • You also get be part of a live event and learn how to handle the crowd

The topics that will be covered are:

  • Basics of DJing (Beat Concepts,Beat Counting & Mixing Trends)
  • Understanding different music genres
  • Setup & infrastructure
  • Sound, Levels and Set Building
  • EQ tricks & Line/Phono switch tricks
  • Understanding and Using Mixing techniques(Beat Matching, Beat-mixing, Beat Juggling)
  • Effects (Scratching)
  • Mix in Key (Harmonic Mixing)
  • Promotional Skills
Along with that, iReboot provides you Three hours of practice sessions after the workshop which can be used by you to practice your skills once you have learnt them.
The equipment used will be
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000/ 800
  • Pioneer DJM 600/ 400
  • Behringer BCD 2000
  • DB Monitor Speaker

The fees for the workshop is 4500 rupees which includes all expenses and taxes. Please give me a ring on 9035789474 for more details.

Dates: 11, 12, 19 & 20th January.

Class size: 6 members.

Please follow this link to register:

Click here to register

Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or email for more details

Image Consulting, Grooming & Wardrobe Styling workshop

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It’s raining style!

The monsoon marks the arrival of new style trends every year! The official new year in fashion! Who wouldn’t want to look their best in the season of panache? Go on a tour of style and shopping and get in synch with your true style and groom yourself to look your best this monsoons by ace Fashion Guru Babita Jaishankar.

The workshop is spread across a full day focusing on the following topics:
  • Colour analysis
  • Style analysis
  • Wardrobe analysis – making a list of things needed for a workable wardrobe, how to know what to keep and what should go ,care for the garments.
  • Wardrobe restyling
  • Guided Personal shopping – some rules to follow, do’s and dont’s.
  • Hair care and cuts to suit the personality and contours of the face.
  • Skin care according to skin type

After the consultation, you get to go on a guided personal shopping tour with your mentor to the lifestyle store, where what all you have learnt over the day will be put to practice, and your mentor will guide you over it.


Mentor Details: Babita has built a remarkable career as an expert fashion designer and a certified skin and color analyst and enhanced the presence of lots of women in India and abroad. While in U.S. she worked as a certified skin and color consultant for several years helping clients to identify the right regime of skin care and also introducing them to the age defying products according to client’s specific needs. She has also worked with prestigious management schools, organizations such as IIMB was recently honored for being the judge for Miss Catwalk at the Miss Bangalore beauty pageant. She also offers private consultation and remarkable makeovers for women, brides to be, moms to be.
Babita Jaishankar is launched her own company, Wardrobe Solutions (WSol), with simple credo that -
 “A dynamic personal and professional image could be created without having to relinquish personal style or comfort” 

You can check out Babita in action in the following video
Course details:A one day workshop on image consulting and wardrobe styling on 5th August, at Indiranagar! 

Course fees: 2500 rupees
For registrations and more inquiries,
Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or drop a mail on

Bartending workshop!

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Chill your dil
A pleasant evening with friends, nurtured by the ever soothing rains! All you need is your favorite drink in hand. Well, learn to make it the way your bartender does at iReboot’s Bartending workshop! Make upto 25 cocktails based on Rum, Whisky & Vodka and drink them up with your friends!

What’s Shakin’?

Introduction to Bartending
Equipment usage
Know your liquor
Methodology of making cocktails
Vodka cocktails
Rum cocktails
Whisky cocktails
Custom recipes

Oh and did we mention you can drink all your cocktails?
Mentor Profile

A Professional bartender since 15 yrs, runs the only bartending school in town called “Shaken n Stirred”. Trains most of the professional bartenders in town, also caters to hi-society private parties and exclusive liquor-brand sponsored events. Has been associated with several lounge and bar launches across Bangalore.
Bartending workshop

Date: August 4th, Saturday
Venue: Shaken N’ Stirred, Infantry road, Bangalore.
Timings: 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
For registrations and more inquiries,
Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or drop a mail on

Freelance Journalism workshop

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Writers’ Glitz!

Always wanted to see your name in a magazine? Learn how to write for journals, magazines, newspapers and online outlets and get paid for it! Understand how to approach editors, getting story ideas, marketing yourself and ultimately forge a career in freelance journalism all in two days!

The workshop will cover

  • What a freelance journalist actually does, and what skills you need
  • How to find stories that sell, understanding what makes a good story and figuring out the differencebetween a topic and an angle.
  • How to figure out what an editor wants by analysing magazines, and finding slots that your story will fit into.
  • How to find and research markets for your work, and find contact details for editors.
  • How to write a successful pitch or story proposal
  • How to write a feature and develop a style of your own
  • How to conduct interviews and get information out of people
  • How to negotiate pay and get a fair price for your work
  • How to write for the international media
  • How to market yourself through blogs, websites and social networks.

Dates: 14th & 15th July


For more queries, please contact Amogh on 9035789474 or email

To Register Click Here

DJ workshop

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Turn ‘em tables wild!

Music lives in every-one of us and many aspire to amplify that vibe. But where to start? Scratch from start and spin wild vibes of music as iReboot takes you from being a music lover to a Professional DJ in just 16 hours.

What do i get to learn?

Musical Theory

Equipment Knowledge, setup & maintenance

Counting Beats & Bars

Drop Mixing (Mixing without beat matching)

Turntabling tactics

Crowd analysis


Exhaustive practice sessions

Marketing yourself

Play at an event

DJ Workshop @ Ireboot!

Duration: Two weekends starting from 12th May

Timings: 4:30 to 7:30

For registrations and more inquiries,

Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or drop a mail on

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Start your own Restaurant Workshop

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A dream come true!

A lot of people dream about having their own restaurant or cafe! It takes time, skill, patience and a whole lot of passion! iReboot helps you power your restaurant dream within just two days!

Here are some alumni who realized their dream through iReboot!

Alumni Ventures

So what does it take to run a restaurant?

Course Content

  • Ideating your concepts
  • Creating your business plan
  • Selecting your location
  • The business of restaurants – terms, manuals, guidelines etc
  • Setting up your venture
  • Legalities and licenses
  • Designing your restaurant
  • Setting up your kitchen
  • Staffing and manpower planning
  • Supplies and contracts
  • Accounting systems and softwares
  • Restaurant as an overall business process
  • Site visit to a fine dining Restaurant

Mentor – Chef Shubhankar Dhar

Subhankar is a F&B veteran with 17 years of experience behind him. He was with The Park (Kolkata) and then ventured out to form a F&B company called Savourites. He has setup and operated 6 restaurants, including The Esplanade and the latest being Olio – a restro lounge.

Start your own Restaurant workshop

Venue: iReboot, Indiranagar

Dates: 28th and 29th April

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

For More details and registrations

Contact Amogh on 9035789474 or drop a mail on

Kreative Fridays : creativity classes for all those who have a child in them at Yours Truly Alma

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Yours Truly Alma presents ‘Kreative Fridays’ ( Creativity classes for all those who have a child in them)
A place where you can let go of your week’s pressures, office tension and indulge yourself in a creative and energetic environment. Idea is not to learn a particular art form rather explore all mediums of visual and performing arts to unleash your creative potential.

The classes will give participants loads of freedom in a completely non judgmental environment, the session will help open up senses and in turn experiencing the world in a whole new way. So instead of learning to draw the perfect portrait you will splash colors, instead of learning the perfect tune, you will enjoy creating a soundscapes, work with shadows and lights, wear a clown nose and range of exciting activities.  Its a platform to become a child and reignite the passion for learning, exploring and experimenting.

The classes will include ‘Art appreciation and intepretations’ . All sessions will be experiential and will include art , photography, movement, music, theatre, shadow work, puppetry and many other interesting mediums. many activites will be about working in teams. So get to know and work with like minded people and have loads of fun while exploring your kreative krazy side.


lasses are week on week and open to all those who want to rekindle the spirit of child in them.
Date and time – Every Friday 7.30pm to 8.30 pm
Venue – Yours Truly Alma
Google map

No 1, 1st floor, 17th E cross, CMH Rd, Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka 560075, India

Classes start in May- Registrations are open now!

For confirmation and more details mail or call 9845853093/9845243051

Online registrations:

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