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Top 5 places for short treks around Bangalore

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Trekking is a passion for many, and ideally so too. It relives the stress busters in the body and a person feels rejuvenated too. This is the major reason why high end professionals from fast paced cities like Bangalore run away to natural retreats over the weekends to trek and explore new places. One can learn so much about the nature, birds, animals, tress, weather, etc, when one is trekking in a forest or natural habitat.

So, get your bag packing for head off to these top 5 treks around Bangalore.

1. Bheemeshwari

Being a very popular tourist destination for trekking, Bhimeshwari is indeed an ideal place for those who want to enjoy unlimited trekking on unrestrained terrain.


Trekking at Bheemeshwari

There are lush green surroundings, many gurgling streams and different varieties of flora and fauna that make up the beautiful wildlife. One can even indulge in some perfect fishing in the many streams. There are many valleys and numerous rivers and streams. Thus, a lot of possibility for undertaking water sports like swimming, rafting etc. There are a lot of trekking routes in the area and the tourists and travelers can choose from their many options. There are dense surrounding forests and thus the place is a haven for wildlife photographers and bird watchers alike. One can spot a large number of animals like deer, elephants, wild monkeys, and even wild boars. Make sure to keep your binoculars handy to watch and gaze at these and the many varieties of rare birds.

2. Makalidurga

Picturesque place of Makalidurga is situated around 60 kms away from Bangalore.

Rappelling at Makalidurga

Rappelling at Makalidurga

It is said that the place is an adventure enthusiasts’ and a wildlife explorer’s delight because it offers a lot of natural wonders like hills, dense forests, fort, and an immense landscape of lush flora and fauna for its visitors to come and explore at will. A ruined fort by the name of Makali Durga stands alone on top of a hill and looks down majestically on all the visitors.

Trekking is the best way to explore this place and thus there are many who plan weekend trekking trips to the place and come back a much happier and cheerful person. Makalidurga has something for everyone, but go in groups to enjoy the trek more. There is no fixed path that one needs to follow. The trek route can be as simple or as treacherous as one wishes. The hill top is the major destination and one can trek all the way to it at one’s own sweet pace. The route is lush with greenery and thus one can enjoy the breeze on the way leading to the top of Makalidurga hill.

3. Savandurga


Savandurga is known as one of the largest monoliths in the whole of Asia. Trekking to Savandurga is an enjoyable experience mainly due to its trek route.

Trekking in Sawandurga

Trekking in Sawandurga

The route is strewn with a lot of greenery that really soothe the souls as one is driving by or walking by. Trekking is one of the major modes of exploring the places and sites in and around Savandurga. The famous Savandurga hills are located almost at an altitude of 1226 meters above sea level. Thus, one can imagine what a view the place has to offer from the top! There are amazing rock formations and placements that can be seen at Savandurga. These are huge rocks that are naturally placed at strategic positions and which look amazingly beautiful from a distance. Such huge rocks at Savandurga are a treat for the kids and other youthful trekkers who find an amazing thrill and fun in climbing these with a group. Rock climbing is just one of the many simple adventure activities that can be indulged in at Savandurga. One can even indulge in a lot of other allied activities like rappelling, river rafting and river crossing and cave exploration.

4. Kanakpura

Kanakapura is a small town in Karnataka and the headquarters of Kanakapura Taluka. It is located in the Ramnagar district. Placed very near to the city of Bangalore, one finds a good crowd of bangaloreans heading towards Kanakapura for an adventurous weekend of trekking and camping.

Trekking in Kanakpura

Trekking in Kanakpura

The town is famous for the ample production of silk and granite and so the crowd of sight seers and traders is huge too over the weekend. Kanakapura has a lot of scope for adventure and thrilling treks. Thus most people who have an adventurous inclination head for trekking at Kanakapura. The place is located in the lap of greenery and nature and thus the whole of the trek route is strewn with lush greenery. The trekkers can thus enjoy immense pleasure while walking and exploring in Kanakapura. The eco friendly trial offers a much needed change from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city of Bangalore.

5. Ramnagar

Ramnagar is another favorite destination for trekking and one which is located in close proximity of Bangalore.

Ramanagaram Adventure

Ramanagaram Adventure

The place is majorly composed of many rocky outcrops. Thus the place is ideal for rock climbing and such similar adventurous activities. Cliff climbing enthusiasts can find a lot to explore in Ramnagar. There is always a crowd of enthusiasts who visit Ramnagar regularly to indulge in rock climbing and rappelling. The granite cliffs have a steep height of almost 70 to 80 feet and thus offer the adventure enthusiasts and rock climbers the much needed adrenaline rush.

Ramadevara Betta, SRS Betta and Thenginkalbetta are the famous regions which are popular for technical rock climbing. People from all over India come to Ramnagar annually to get a taste of amateur as well as professional rock climbing.

Besides this there are various other places to trek like Madhugiri fort, SkandGiri and Nandi Hills.

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  1. Weekend getaways from Bangalore
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  2. Sushma
    on Aug 21st, 2012
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    Abhishek, this is very good information for trekking lovers like me. Finally you did it. Congratulations!

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