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The content is copied from Bangalore Metblogs post by Anita. I hope they dont mind as the purpose of the post is to reach as many as possible.

The problem: Over the last 4 years, Janet and her volunteers at treesforfree have planted 12,896 trees across Bangalore City to restore the vanishing tree cover. All in an old Maruti car. Now the car has broken down. And the planting has stopped. But the tree felling continues… and with it, the global warming, failed monsoons, climate change… and a host of other problems that affect all of us.

The solution:
If we can raise enough donations to buy a new vehicle, we would be back on the road again, planting trees, cooling the globe and healing the earth. The vehicle ideally suited for our operations is a Mahindra pickup. It costs 4 lacs. If 4000 of us gave just 100 rupees each, then the planting can start again.

How you can help:
Donate as much as you can. All donations are tax exempt under 80 G and you will be given a receipt. After you send/transfer money, please send a mail to with the amount sent/transferred and the names of people who donated + address where you want the receipts to be delivered.

1. Bank transfer. The details are:
Beneficiary: Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust
Beneficiary Account 9942500102168101
Bank: Karnataka Bank Koramangala Ext., 17th Main, Bangalore, India
Code: KARB0000094.


2. A cheque in favour of ‘Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust’ and send it to
Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust
No 11, 20 L Cross, Sri Rama temple Road,
Ejipura, Viveknagar Post, Bangalore-560 047
Tel: +91 9845449703

Thank you in advance from all the babies, birds, bees and other beings to come :)

Treesforfree Blog
TreesforFree Website

Janet, 9845449703 (m)

Strange Circus bangalore film society

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Strange Circus

In the words of Elvis Presley- we have rhythm and baby we have it all over us. This weekend, Bangalore Film Society in collaboration with are proud to present ‘Strange Circus’- three days of that perfect collusion of time, space, music and cinema- a combination that is bonafide potent delirium. The greatest of artists as seen, remembered and captured by great film-makers. This time it’s, Be there or be……

Friday 24th July, 2009 Time: 6.30pm

Don’t Look Back (1967/96min) Dir: D.A. Pennebaker

D. A Pennebaker almost got there in 1967 and never has it happened ever since. Not even the great Scorsese or Todd Haynes could come any closer. No one could capture Bob Dylan’s mystical, mercurial personality on cinema ever but Pennebaker came the closest and in the process elevated the rockumentary to an art form. His fly-on-the-wall camera (Godard called him one of the greatest cinematographers ever) captures images, scenes and performances of Dylan and his posse that went down in history as seminal stuff. And somewhere among it all, is the truth about Bob Dylan.

Saturday 25th July, 2009 Time: 6.45pm

Leaving Home (2009/114min) Dir: Jaideep Verma

Indian Ocean is a phenomenon. That they’ve been together all these years and have always come up with music and performances that border on sheer ecstasy is a paean to their amazing and total dedication to the art. Director Jaideep Verma, who last year gave us the zanily great yet regrettably underrated cult flick ‘Hulla’ now chronicles the amazing story of four guys who have stuck together, made it together and have together come up with some of the greatest contemporary tunes. ‘Leaving Home’ features the band, the music and family, their collaborators and friends- an eclectic group featuring Prannoy Roy, Nandita Das, Anurag Kashyap among others. ‘Leaving Home’ is that rarest beast of Indian Filmmaking- a full feature length music documentary. And a great one at that.

Sunday 26th July, 2009 Time: 6.15pm

The Blues Brothers (1980/130min) Dir: John Landis

Ladies & Gentlemen, from Rock Island Island, Illinois introducing Elwood and ‘Joilet’ Jake Blues… the Blues Brothers. The Fabulous John Landis and his jiving crew put on a show that will have you tapping your feet until you can’t tap anymore. James ‘Soul Brother No.1’ Brown, John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and whole host of others team up with the Blues Brothers for one big bonanza… a blues carnival that will have laughing, singing, dancing all the way back home. After all- everybody needs somebody to love. A perennial BFS favorite. In the immortal words of Mr. T- we don’t screen the Blues Brothers, WE SCREAM THE BLUES BROTHERS.

Venue: Ashirvad, 30, St. Mark’s Road cross, Op. State Bank of India


Capture the Monsoons – Photography Camp

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Wildlife Photography Boot Camp
August 1 – 2, 2009

Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore




We all begin with the digital camera or the cell phone camera.


And then a time comes, when we realise that we can click better photographs but don’t know how to.

All our previous participants started off like that, little knowing that iReboot’s photography workshop would get their photographs published in a leading photography magazine!
I invite you to join our photography workshop on August 1st and 2nd, 2009.
Put away all the reasons aside, it’s time to do this course with us. Because we are dedicated to take a stand for your skills, hobbies and passions in all forums.
We believe in you more than you can imagine.




Testimonial from Previous Camp Subin Sivan

I got to know of ‘iReboot’ through a friend. …a fabulous concept that reaches out to people who care to do more, learn more and explore more….but don’t know how. iReboot allowed me the opportunity to explore something I never considered before….if you have a passion, iReboot will help you find a way to live your passion…if like me, you don’t know what your passion is, iReboot will give you an opportunity to explore all that there is…and eventually, find your passion.
I attended the wildlife photography workshop conducted by Kalyan Varma (An award winning wild life photographer). The experience was so enriching that I have decided take up photography more seriously…in fact I have decided to learn something new every 3-4 months…a new language, a new skill..and somewhere along the way I am confident I will find my passion. This is what ireboot brings to the table…an opportunity to live life on your terms by doing what you want to do. 
This workshop is for anyone out there who aspires to be a better photographer or anyone who just wants to know his camera better.…whatever your reasons be, this workshop is probably the best way to learn photography, simply bcoz you’re learning from a pro….Now I don’t know the definition of a pro when it comes to photography…but in my line of work, a ‘professional’ is one who knows his stuff, who is passionate about his line of work, who is committed to sharing what he knows….and most of all, a professional is someone who brings more to the table than just functional knowledge…someone who can inspire you with his passion, with his knowledge and with his vision. Kalyan Verma, in my opinion has it all”
Kalyan’s confidence, self-assuredness and approachability set him apart from many other creative minds that I’ve met. The combination of all of the above makes the workshop a wonderful experience that could change your perspective, teach you something new, help make new friends (interesting ones!!) and help you get one step closer to realising your potential” 

- Subin Sivan, Marketing, Colgate Palmolive (Mumbai)



For more information… iReboot

You can look up the course content by clicking here
Alternatively, you could call us on 09886295353 to get more details






Try something new – how about DJ-ing?

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Imagine people swinging and crooning to the music YOU play!! At iReboot, we can make this come true!




Learn to DJ 

A complete introduction to DJing with advice and help to start a career as a DJ, and to encourage DJing as a hobby.


July 25th and 26th.
Call 9663857828 for details and to register
Course covers:
· Brief history of dance music
· Equipment Knowledge, setup & maintenance
· Counting Beats & Bars
· Drop Mixing (Mixing without beat matching)
· Name Selection
· Review on cueing and drop mixing
· Music Selection and style
· Mixing process, matching tempos etc
· Using Faders, Cross-fader and EQ on mixer
· Mic setup & functions
· Crowd analysis


· Turntablism
· Review on beat-mixing
· Basic audio recording
· Preparation for Recording a live set
· Utilizing EQ, effects and Cross-Fader
· Basic Scratching
· Tips and tricks of mixing
· Song writing & rapping
· Dj Battling
· Scratching and Effects Revision
· Flow of DJ Set, Song selection
· General Rules of thumb in the DJ/Entertainment Industry
· Attitude & attributes
· Self Promotion/Marketing





Date: July 25th and 26th.
Venue: A club close to MG road
Timings: 11 AM to 3 PM
Number of participants per batch: 5
To know more, please call 9663857828
To know more about the organisation, visit:
RSVP to the event.
Looking forward to your participation,






actical Media 3.0–FOSS: The Dynamics of Freedom

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CIS Director (Policy) Sunil Abraham will speak at ‘Tactical Media 3.0–Foss: The Dynamics of Freedom’, a workshop on techniques and philosophy of Free and Open Source Software, 27 July to 1 August, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


The Media Lab, Jadavpur University presents Tactical Media 3.0–FOSS: The Dynamics of Freedom, a workshop on techniques and philosophy of Free and Open Source Software
July 27 – Aug 1, 2009, 3-30 to 7-30 pm, Vivekananda Hall

Free and Open Source software is one of the greatest tools in the hands of those who wish to challenge the notions of intellectual property (IP) and market-driven logics of human exchange. The Internet has opened up the space for a world-wide collective that believes in enriching each other’s lives through art and knowledge free from narrow conceptions of ownership and privilege. It has given rise to a new creativity on a global scale, from globally shared alternatives to profit-driven initiatives, towards a hope of re-inventing the commons in the 21st century.

Pass the Packet, Please? Talk by Ashwin Jacob Mathew

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Ashwin Jacob Mathew is a Ph.D. student at the UC Berkeley School of Information. Before returning to academia, he spent a decade in the software industry in India, working in senior technical roles in companies like Aztec Software and Adobe. At Berkeley, he blends his technical background with theory and methods drawn from the social sciences to investigate the infrastructure of the Internet.
Time and Date

Friday, 17 July, 2009; 5.30-7.00 pm
Centre for Internet and Society, No. D2, 3rd Floor, Sheriff Chambers (Wockhardt Hospital building), 14, Cunningham Road, Bangalore – 560052

If we view the Internet as built environment, rather than an abstract “cloud”, then it becomes critical to consider what the politics of this artifact might be, to understand the politics of the technical systems that enable these flows. More

ESC India 2009-India’s Largest Conference & Expo on Embedded Systems

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Practical Design information you can use today. Skills you use for a life time.

Don’t miss out on early bird saving! REGISTER NOW.

Register now to qualify for the EARLY BIRD conference rates and save up to INR 4500 on All Access Pass.

This year with – New Sessions, New Tracks, New Opportunities, you have a choice between full and half-day tutorials, as well as 75-minute sessions in Programmable logic, Datacom/Telecom, Real-Time Kernels, Developing for ARM, Linux and Open-Source Software, Multi-core and Multi-threaded Processing and more.

Attendees will hear and get theirs queries answered from embedded engineering Veterans such as R.C. Cofer, Ben Harding, Rob O’Shana, Niall Cooling, Serge Plangol, Praveen Goyal, Jagdish Bisawa, and many more at technical classes.

CXO Panel Discussion – Opportunities for scaling for Indian Embedded Product/Service Companies

First Exclusive Panel discussion for Senior Executives and Engineers from Embedded industry to be held in Bangalore July 23, 2009

The panelists and audience will look for answers for Indian companies taking part in the growth that MNC semiconductor companies offer? Panel will also explore opportunities for exponential growth for Indian embedded product and services exist in today’s market. To read more on the topics of discussionplease connect to:

From Crash to Cash : Stock Market Workshop

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Learn ABC’s of Stock Trading



iReboot announces a course to learn the basics of the stock market - click here for a primer 2 minute class.
stocktrading course 
The stock market is a great place for people to either make or lose money by buying a share, or part of a company. This of course is a risky business, but the pay offs could be huge if they choose correctly. 
Get your foundation strong by joining our course on stock markets. The course has been designed such that you get a hands on experience on trading and you will be empowered to make wise decisions about which stocks to invest in, after this course.



Dates of Course: July 19th and 26th
Timing: 10 AM to 3:30 PM


Location: Shantinagar, Bangalore. 
To register, call 9663857828



About iReboot
iReboot is a life orientation company. Our mission is to help our clients discover themselves, and in turn, their career calling, by helping them harness and leverage their passion and drive through a structured programme that includes a combination of intensive workshops, job simulations, internships, volunteerism, personal mentoring and counselling. Whether it’s discovering a new hobby, choosing a career path while still in school, or a mid life career shift into something they have always wanted to do, iReboot will help structure it in a way that help you benefit from interacting with an exhaustive list of some of the finest mentors available. For more details: 



Tech Talk: A Technique of Abstraction and Building Representation in Virtual Urban Models

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Organized by:
ACM Bangalore, IEEE-CS Bangalore,
IEEE GOLD Affinity Group of Bangalore,
In-formation Bangalore ACM SIGGRAPH Date, Venue:
Sat, July 18, 4:00 PM,
CSA Seminar Hall,
Department of Computer Science & Automation,
IISc, Bangalore, INDIA, IN

This talk presents a technique for creating abstract representations of modern urban areas. We identify and apply cartographic and cognitive principles to develop a solution that is implemented in the context of a state of art Geographic Information Systems. At the core of our solution is a building facade modeling approach that supports varying degrees of abstraction. This is achieved by introducing a concept of “facade waveforms” and representing building facades as combinations of these waveforms. A Fourier series approximation of the waveforms is used during the rendering processes resulting in an elegant solution to anti-aliasing. The formulation retains the semantic information in the representation that enables meaningful extensions like night time façade generation. The solution is implemented as a pixel shader and therefore leads to a large reduction in texture memory requirement compared to existing building rendering techniques. Additionally, in the case of web based systems there is significant reduction in bandwidth requirement. We highlight the features of the proposed solution with demonstrative images.
Speaker Profile:
Neeharika Adabala is a researcher in the Vision, Graphics and Visualization Group of Microsoft Research India. Her current research focuses on effective visualization of and interaction with information, and use of semantics to improve user-computer interaction. She has worked in Philips Research India, MIRALab – University of Geneva, and University of Central Florida. She has a Masters from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

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